Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure for my new staircase?

We have a specially designed form to help you measure your staircase up, please let us know if you want one emailing.

We are not sure what staircase design we can get to fit in our new house that we are having built. Will someone visit site and work out a staircase design that will work?

Yes, we have a very experienced team of designers that have been measuring and designing staircases for over 15 years. Most of our designers have a joinery background and have manufactured hundreds of staircases, so they know what us to arrange a site survey.

Do you manufacture windows?

Yes, we manufacture windows in any timber, including exotic hardwoods. All designs shapes and sizes are catered for.

Do I install the staircase once the rest of the house is finished?

The staircase is to be installed when the brickwork has been done, in other words, when the opening in the floor and the starting and landing floors are complete.

Can I install the staircase if I have underfloor heating?

No. If you have underfloor heating, you need to leave a space free of tubes at the starting point of the staircase so that you can screw in the fastening screws.